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EASTCONN Magnet High Schools Earn NEASC Accreditation


EASTCONN’s magnet high schools, Quinebaug Middle College (QMC) and Arts at the Capitol Theater (ACT), have attained accreditation by the highly respected New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), following a rigorous, 7-year process of self-study and assessment.

Both QMC (located on the Quinebaug Valley Community College campus in Danielson) and ACT (in downtown Willimantic) are public, and open to Connecticut students in grades 9-12. 

“I am so proud of our school community,” said ACT Principal Sarah Mallory. “Our staff and students work so hard every day and it means so much that NEASC validated the work we do. The reports that the NEASC Visiting Committee prepared for us will help drive the work we do around school improvement for years to come.”

NEASC is an independent, non-profit organization that connects and serves 2,000+ public and independent schools, colleges and universities in New England, as well as international schools in more than 65 nations. NEASC accreditation attests to a school’s quality and integrity and assures colleges and universities about the quality of a high school student’s academic record. 

“Going through the challenging NEASC process that started seven years ago ... has improved QMC as a learning community in many meaningful ways,” said QMC Principal Gino LoRicco. “I am so proud of the work that our students, families, staff, EASTCONN and QVCC have engaged in thus far in our journey, and I look forward to the work that’s now before us.”

The NEASC accreditation process is intensive and demanding, and requires years to complete. It involves staff, students, parents and community members.

“The NEASC process is significant because it requires that schools engage in a very thorough, very honest, data-based investigation of
everything that we do within the school to advance teaching and learning, and how we are supported by the district and the community,” said Dr. Toni Ryan, EASTCONN’s Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. 

“For a typical high school, the task is a ‘heavy lift,’ but for a small magnet school with few faculty, it’s even more laborious, which is why not
all magnets seek NEASC accreditation.”

Read the NEASC reports at www.eastconn.org/act/neasc, or www.eastconn.org/qmc/neasc.

ACT enrolls motivated, independent learners who have a passion for the arts. Contact ACT Principal Sarah Mallory at 860-465-5636 or smallory@eastconn.org to learn more. 

QMC enrolls independent, capable learners who seek more control over their educational program. Call QMC Principal Gino LoRicco at 860-932-4040, or gloricco@eastconn.org.

Both ACT and QMC are currently enrolling students for the 2018-2019 school year. Learn more by visiting their websites, or calling their principals, listed above.