Drive for Academic Excellence

AJ Saulnier is a senior and an Acting major at ACT. This year she decided to challenge herself academically by taking an AP Statistics course while simultaneously enrolling in a college course at Eastern CT State University. AJ has been doing a great job in Statistics. She is fully engaged at all times and is very thorough in completing all of her work. Alexis is a dedicated student who models a deep commitment to learning for her peers.


Randy Nokes, one of ACT’s Math Teachers states, “AJ shows perseverance in learning. She is assertive in the classroom in asking questions of her teacher and classmates when she is unclear about something we are learning. She is an excellent role model for her peers.”


AJ is motivated to succeed in college and takes her academic work very seriously. In taking AP Statistics, she is hoping to earn college credit after taking the exam in May. AJ is deeply committed to her academic growth and has learned that this can only be achieved through hard work. During the spring semester, AJ plans to continue coursework at Eastern CT State University. She will enroll in the next Introductory Spanish class in sequence. 


After applying to a handful of colleges and universities, AJ has been accepted to the following schools: University of Maine –Farmington, University of New England, Eastern CT State University, Plymouth State University and Franklin Pierce University. She is looking to major in Environmental Studies and Political Science. 


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