Role Model Student

 Samantha Morowski is a senior and an Acting major here at ACT. She is kind, involved in our school community and ambitious. Samantha is a dedicated, hardworking President in student council. She plans events that are both entertaining, charitable and environmentally conscious. In addition to contributing, several ideas for improving our school and organizing meetings, Samantha volunteers for our school’s Teen Outreach Program that provides much-needed support services for our school’s city. She has a passion for helping others and that is apparent throughout her daily life, and she often comes up with inventive ideas and solutions for community problems. Samantha is also resilient and able to manage many responsibilities at once: including schoolwork, clubs, volunteering and a part-time job.


Bethany Gallant, ACT’s History Teacher shares, “Sam is kind, smart and ambitious. She always strives to do her best and help others along the way. She helps other students socially and academically without being asked.”


Samantha is involved in theater productions, Student Council, A Capella and volunteers in her community. She frequently takes a leadership role to make sure organizations she is involved with are effective and entertaining. Samantha makes sure Student Council addresses our Willimantic community by organizing food drives and getting involved with our local soup kitchen.


Bethany further expresses, “It has been lovely to see Sam grow and change over the past four years. She has gained a lot of confidence through her involvement in various clubs and shows at ACT. Sam has grown into a self-assured, intelligent and emotionally strong individual throughout her high school career. She is now a role model for others and is very approachable to struggling students.”


In addition to her many responsibilities, Samantha is taking a General Psychology course this semester at Eastern CT State University. She has been accepted to University of New Haven, University of Maine –Farmington, Franklin Pierce and Eastern CT State University. At this time, she has not made a decision on where she would like to attend college but plans to major in Speech/Language Pathology while minoring in Psychology and Music.


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