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New Observation Tool Simplifies Teacher & Student Assessments

EASTCONN has designed a new online tool that promises to simplify the process of collecting, storing and reporting observation-based data associated with  student and teacher assessments. 

Called eObserve, EASTCONN’s new framework-independent tool supports the use of tablets and other devices, and allows supervisors and educators to directly input teacher observations, as well as child-centric and/or task-centric scoring data, eliminating the need for intermediate scoring sheets and transcriptions.

“eObserve simplifies the process of collecting and comparing developmental and scoring data, with tools that can track evidence of progress, retain specific observational artifacts like photos, video and documents, and quickly generate both longitudinal and latitudinal reports,” said Andy DePalma, EASTCONN’s Director of Technology Solutions. 

Designed by EASTCONN staff, the new platform also provides a foundation for planning additional supports and communication around common goals. eObserve is backed by a powerful, independent, online platform that doesn’t require users either to invest in or install new infrastructure, DePalma said. 

“It also perfectly complements EASTCONN’s Measure Success tool,” DePalma said. “Measure Success allows for consensus-building on rubric-based assessments, increasing reliability and validity prior to the execution of any assessments using the eObserve tool.” Measure Success is an online professional forum for developing and sharing standards-based learning tasks with embedded performance assessments. Contact Andy DePalma at adepalma@eastconn.org.