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November 1st RESC Alliance Conference, “Personalized Learning: Future or Fad?”

School administrators and teacher-leaders are invited to attend “Personalized Learning: Future or Fad?”, a statewide conference hosted by Connecticut’s Regional Educational Service Centers (RESC) Alliance on Wed., Nov. 1, 2017, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Southern Connecticut State University, 501 Crescent St., New Haven.

During this full day “think-shop,” educators will explore their understanding of personalized learning and consider how it fits into their district’s vision and mission. In addition to break-out sessions and panel discussions, participants will hear keynotes from both Will Richardson and Benjamin Riley.

Richardson, an educator, author and national speaker, will discuss the intersection of social online learning networks and education with “This is Personal: Modern Learning in Self-Determined Classrooms.” Visit willrichardson.com. 

“I hope educators take away from my presentation a healthy discomfort for the growing distance between school learning and real-life learning,” said Richardson in an e-mail. “Schools were built for a time that no longer exists, a time when content, knowledge, people and technologies were scarce and kids had to come to a classroom to get them. That is certainly not the case today. The world now rewards learners who take advantage of the abundance at their fingertips. The sooner educators begin to reimagine their work in light of this huge change, the better it will be for the kids we serve.” 

Riley, who founded Deans for Impact, will present “Is Personalized Learning the Right Choice?” An education researcher, writer and advocate, Riley is also a former California deputy attorney general. Visit deansforimpact.org.

“It’s my hope that educators will leave the conference with new questions -- and perhaps greater skepticism -- about the value of personalized learning,” said Riley, by e-mail. “I’m hoping attendees will be excited and surprised as we explore how the insights of cognitive science might inform their instructional practice. And we’ll also spend some time thinking about the role public education plays in our democracy, and whether we want our schools to promote individual preference over collectivedialogue.” 

Networking and collaborative action planning opportunities are scheduled during numerous conference breakout sessions and panel discussions. 

Registration ($125) includes lunch and morning refreshments. Register at www.aces.org/ct-resc-2017.
Or contact EASTCONN’s Scott Nierendorf at snierendorf@eastconn.org or at 860-455-1621.

Connecticut’s RESC Alliance includes ACES, CES, CREC, EASTCONN, EdAdvance and LEARN,
each of which is a public, non-profit RESC. Learn more at www.rescalliance.org.