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6th Annual Infant/Toddler Conference 2019: Responsive Interactions to Support Co-Regulation
Friday, March 08, 2019, 08:30am - 03:00pm
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Course #: 1825300219; Title: 6th Annual Infant/Toddler Conference 2019: Responsive Interactions to Support Co-Regulation; Description:

KEYNOTE: Understanding and Supporting the
Development of Infants and Toddlers!

Presented by EdAdvance Early Childhood Specialist
Anne Giordano, M.A., D.S.P., IMH-E

Regulatory Disorders and the
Impact on Behavior in Children

  • Recognize signs of regulatory disorders,
    developmental delays, and autism

  • Understand the importance of
    co-regulation as a precursor to self-regulation

  • Understand current research and
    common types of exceptional development

  • Learn strategies to address behavioral
    challenges and dysregulation

Presented by Dr. Marianne Barton, Director of Clinical
Training, UCONN Department of Psychological Sciences


Session Choice 1

All Behavior Has Meaning: Using our
Knowledge of Infant Toddler Development
to Better Understand, Reframe,
and Guide Behavior!

This session will expand on the Infant-Toddler
Developmental Framework presented in the morning
keynote address. Using video, discussion, group
activities and personal reflection participants will:

  • Better understand the connection between
    development and behavior

  • Examine the impact of early trauma
    on infant – toddler behavior

  • Recognize potential environmental triggers that may
    impact infants and toddlers who have
    experienced trauma

  • Learn developmentally appropriate strategies to
    positively support infant toddler behavior

  • Reflect on ways to apply these strategies
    with infants, toddlers and families

    • Presented by Anne Giordano, M.A., D.S.P., IMH-E

      Session Choice 2

      Seeking Family Input to Gain a
      Wholistic Picture of a Child’s

      • Use family input to gather information about skills,
        abilities, and behaviors children use at home

      • Involve and engage families in discussions about
        their child’s learning and development

      • Recognize families as critical partners
        in their child’s learning

      Presented by Michelle Levy, Ph.D., OEC Education
      Consultant; and Diane Gozemba, M.S.E.d.
      EASTCONN Director of Early Childhood Initiatives

      Continental Breakfast and Lunch provided
Location EASTCONN Administration Building