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Continuous Learning Resources for Districts

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Book Reviews


Executive Skills and Reading Comprehension by Kelly Cartwright



Web-Based Resources



Knowledge Works

EASTCONN has an alliance with many local districts and KNOWLEDGEWORKS. We have developed a working relationship as our work evolves into Competency Based Learning. If you are interested, take a look at this website and contact Diane Dugas at EASTCONN! Visit KnowledgeWork's website.

teachers college reading and writing logoThe Reading and Writing Project at Teachers Colledge

This is the origin website for The Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College. There are many resources including videos to acclimate yourself to all their Units of Study K - 8 as well as assessments, and up to date information around institutes, days and workshops they offer. It is a great place to start. Visit the Reading and Writing Project website.


aurora institute logoAurora Institute

A great starting place for personalized learning. Visit the Aurora Institute website.

Heinemann logoHeinemann

 The starting place of all Units of Study online resources as well as Kate Roberts’ Novel Approach Videos and Jennifer Seravallo’s digital resources. Remember to register your resources. We use this website to keep an eye on their webinars with the Authors we love. Visit the Heinemann website.

newsela logoNewsela

By far one of our most important resources. NEWSELA (or Newzella) as some pronounce offers a discount through the RESCS for small and large districts. If you cannot use the full website, then the 6 daily articles are still worth the visit each day. Grab them at each LEXILE level and you have a quick resource for all of your readers. LEXILES will adjust sentence length, vocabulary syllables, not ideas and structures. Visit the Newsela website.


tween tribune logo

An absolute MUST. The Smithsonian does what NEWSELA does, but for free. It is not as in-depth with content yet, but it is gold to create sets at different LEXILE levels. LEXILES will adjust sentence length, vocabulary syllables, not ideas and structures. Visit TweenTribune.

Digital Promise

Digital Promise logo

The League of Innovative Schools is often people's first stop for many of today's current practices around Competency-Based Learning. Visit the Digital Promise website.


Making Math Moments Matter


Making Math Moments Matter is a great resource that also includes podcasts and webinars.  It's a great place to start your exploration.
Visit the Making Math Moments Website.


Biting Into the Corebitingintothecorelogo

Biting Into The Core provides an overview of learning progressions for each of the domains in mathematics. Visit the Biting into The Core Website.



The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)


The CASEL website is a hub of research, practice and policy for social-emotional learning with resources available. Visit the CASEL website.