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Technology Solutions has a variety of services for our districts. If you are looking for data & analytic services, please visit our Data & Analytics Page here


EASTCONN's AT team works directly with staff and students in the classroom to support student learning through the effective use of AT, including Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), to support student learning. Consultative services include maximizing the use of a district's existing AT resources and identifying new and emerging resources to complement their educational program.

Benefits: Assistive Technology (AT) tools can be used to provide access to the curriculum for students with special needs. Consultation ensures that the assistive technology you already own is utilized in an effective and efficient manner to support student learning. EASTCONN's assistive technology team keeps your district up-to-date on the latest in assistive technology developments, identifying those that can best support your students' access to the general curriculum.

For more information about Assistive Technology (AT) Consultation, please contact:


Are you having difficulty implementing new technologies in your classrooms? Have you invested in technology that goes underutilized or doesn’t meet your expectations? EASTCONN can assist you in achieving the best possible results, from installation to implementation, including lesson integration and training. Let our expertise help you bridge the gap.

Benefits: Get the best possible return on your technology investment.

For more information about Classroom Technology Implementation and Assessment, please contact:

This easy-to-use, Web-based application is available for teachers and program directors. User-friendly and secure, this database eliminates the need for handwritten reports and allows teachers and administrators to view individual, classroom and program results. Teachers can use the standard report charts to target instruction related to specific standards and benchmarks. Program administrators can use the data for program improvement. Training and technical assistance are available to help you transition to this reasonably priced, time-saving and powerful tool.

Benefits: The CTPAF software makes it easy to record and analyze children's progress on skills development over time. It also eliminates the need for handwritten reports. Use student data to plan for both classes and individuals, allowing you to address a range of skills.

For more information about Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework (CTPAF) Web-Based Software, please contact:


Diane Gozemba
EASTCONN Administrative Offices & Conference Center
376 Hartford Turnpike
Hampton, CT 06247
860-455-1532, ext. 3309

Staff consultants assist in the development of a district or school improvement plan that includes measurable student outcomes, high-leverage adult actions and an effective monitoring plan. Through a collaborative inquiry process for data-driven decision-making, our staff will assist in the analysis of district and school data to both develop district/school improvement goals and identify effective implementation strategies. Available services include data collection (including surveys, interviews and focus groups); technical support for data management (database development and/or customization); and training in data analysis.

Benefits: Through accurate data collection and quality analysis, participants are able to determine the impact of certain programs and make planning processes more effective. Participants will be able to make more informed decisions through strategies like cost-benefit analysis. Monitor the effectiveness of your school-improvement initiatives. Target your resources to improve areas of highest impact.

For more information about District & School Improvement Planning, please contact:


Do you or members of your leadership team need to come up to speed on technology topics, before making critical decisions? Do you need to discreetly improve your understanding of administrative or educational technology? Technology Solutions can provide small-group and individual briefings and updates on request, giving you the edge you need to succeed with technology. Content can address any topic, historical or current, at the location of your choice.

Benefits: Get the information you need to make the best possible decisions regarding technology.

For more information about Executive Briefings and Technology Updates, please contact:

Supplement your in-house staff with our networking experts. Our on-site or remote support services can ensure your networking equipment and servers stay running and optimized to your needs, while improving your network's availability and overall performance. We can provide support for Windows and Mac networks, servers, switches, routers, WAN connections and wireless networks. We are available for long-term assignments as well as ad-hoc projects, including server and networking equipment upgrades, server migrations and wireless network upgrades .

Benefits: Our familiarity with education technology will save you valuable time and money. Contract for just the services you need to supplement your in-house staff.

For more information about Network Management, please contact:

EASTCONN's assessment delivery system meets your evaluation needs by providing online administration of your custom assessments. Our staff will consult with you to capture the item design appropriate to your desired measures. Assessments can include any combination of questions, and reporting can be customized to suit your needs. We can provide proctored services for your assessment on our equipment to your statewide audience through our partner sites in Hamden, New Britain and Hampton.

Benefits: Our assessment services offer a turnkey solution for your assessment needs. We supply the secured Web service and secured hardware, and you supply the audience. Our stand-alone assessment networks are completely secure, and can provide you with ready-to-score, subjective results and automatically scored objective results. We will customize our services to meet your assessment needs.

For more information about Secure Online Assessment Delivery, please contact:

Are you the last to know that something is wrong with your technology infrastructure? Do you want to be more proactive in addressing system problems? Let EASTCONN Technology Solutions assist you by building easy-to-read dashboards and providing instantaneous alerts to system irregularities. Increase your organization's productivity by being more proactive.

Benefits: Our Information Technology (IT) experts will help you anticipate and respond to IT infrastructure needs and changes that could affect your organization's productivity.

For more information about System Monitoring, please contact:

Our Technology Council provides technology educators, administrators, educational technologists and all others involved with technology in K-12 with a forum where they can network with peers in a collegial environment, while learning about the latest trends and best practices in technology. Experts in the field and outside consultants regularly attend meetings and provide valuable insights into the latest developments.

Benefits: The Technology Council offers technologists and administrators the opportunity to come together in a collaborative forum and share information and effective practices. This council provides excellent networking opportunities and provides a forum for technology educators to stay current in the latest trends in educational technology.

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For more information, please contact:

Nancy Jagaczewski
EASTCONN Administrative Offices & Conference Center
376 Hartford Turnpike
Hampton, CT 06247

Choose a topic and we'll provide the lunch. Our Conference Center in Hampton is the perfect place to host your Lunch 'n' Learn. Expert technology resources can present a short, focused learning opportunity for your staff on a variety of topics related to your current technology needs. Join us in Hampton or we'll bring a session to the location of your choosing. Topics include, but are not limited to:
• Gaming in the Classroom
• 3-D Printing
• Robotics
• Goggle Apps for Education
• Protecting Your Hardware
• Security
• Becoming Internet Savvy
• Quick Tips/Shortcuts

Benefits: Expand your own and your staff's technology know-how in a relaxed atmosphere, which also allows you to explore technology-related topics of your own choosing.

For more information about Technology Lunch 'n' Learn, please contact:

Nancy Jagaczewski
EASTCONN Administrative Offices & Conference Center
376 Hartford Turnpike
Hampton, CT 06247

Strategic planning for educational technology can ensure that your district's instruction and curriculum meet the demands of the 21st century. Our technology planning experts can help your district evaluate, create and implement a systemic and long-term technology plan to meet your goals. Facilitation and support are available for all types of planning, from small projects to district-wide initiatives. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation support are also available. We can also assist with reviewing your current technology infrastructure and provide IT staff to supplement your existing staff.

Benefits: Increase your district's ability to fund technology development and implementation.

For more information about Technology Strategic Planning, please contact: