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EASTCONN Technology Solutions is committed to protecting the privacy of students and staff. Starting October 1, 2016 the Student Privacy Law Public Act 16-189 went into effect. We are in the process of working with all vendors as new contracts arise. We appreciate your patience as we compile a list of software used throughout EASTCONN.

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Description: Communication tool for young children to use as communication system

Information Collected: No data collected

Privacy Policy

Description: Customized individualized learning, data collection, and analysis

Information Collected: Student-generated content - results of pre and post tests.

Privacy  Policy

Description: Teaches students critical soft skills or 21st-century skills they will need to obtain employment and build a successful career.

Information Collected: Student names, answers to fill-in and multiple choice questions related to soft skills, resumes and cover letters.

Privacy Policy

Description: words, numbers and tangrams

Information collected: None

Privacy Policy

Description: Read and write extension. Word prediction, study tools and text to speech. 

Information Collected: Linked to google account. Student-created written work, student email address, first and last name.

Privacy Policy

Description: Create chore list for each student to practice life skills. 

Information Collected: None

Privacy Policy