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TEAM Collaborative

The RESC Alliance is committed to sustaining and supporting the value of teacher induction that is the essence of the TEAM process. Due to the fiscal reductions that were announced in Fall 2017, CSDE communicated changes in funding for the TEAM program.

EASTCONN and the RESC Alliance have created a Collaborative to support the current Beginning Teacher/Mentorship framework that you know as TEAM. By participating, public school districts in CT can preserve their current professional development investment and beginning teacher process. 

For questions about the TEAM Collaborative, please contact Scott Nierendorf, (860-455-1621 or snierendorf@eastconn.org ). For specific questions about the TEAM Dashboard or your district agreement, contact Michael Mahony (mmahony@eastconn.org )

TEAM Collaborative Documents

RESC Alliance Memo to District Facilitators Summarizing TEAM Changes and Options

Proposal for New TEAM Collaborative

Benefits of Using the TEAM Dashboard by Participant Role

How to Fulfill TEAM Statutory Requirements: Collaborative Member vs. Non-Collaborative


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