Each classroom has no more than 7 students, with at least 3 staff.  We have a certified special education teacher who case manages all the students in their classroom, as well as a special education instructor and at least one instructional assistant.

Yes, our goal is always to consider the least restrictive environment (LRE) for each student.  If a student demonstrates their readiness to return to a least restrictive environment, EASTCONN will work in tandem with the sending district to develop a transition plan to ensure the successful return of the student.

At this time, given the nature of our programs and how many sending towns we accommodate, we are unable to hold after school-activities.  We do, however, have clubs built into our weekly schedule.  Students choose from a number of clubs that meet their interests.  In the past we have offered such clubs as fishing, baking, sports, knitting, arts and crafts, and music, to name a few. 

Monday through Thursday: 8am-2pm

Friday: 8-12pm

Transportation is set up between the sending district and the parents/guardians.