EASTCONN Autism Program Rebranded as Bridges Community School

EASTCONN Autism Program Rebranded as Bridges Community School



EASTCONN is pleased to announce that its Autism Program, located at 10 Commerce Drive in Columbia, Conn., will now be known as Bridges Community School.


“Through the process of rebranding, we were hoping to land on a name that felt aligned with our vision, core values, and the work that we do here,” said Erin Crosby, Program Director at Bridges Community School.


“All of our learners come to us with a wide variety of skills, needs, and goals for the future. Our hope is that our program can support each student to build the skills necessary to meet their individual goals, thus building a bridge to exciting opportunities.”


EASTCONN Bridges Community School provides a regionally based, comprehensive, integrated service program for students with autism and other low-incidence disabilities from pre-K to age 22.


The program is characterized by a structured, intensive, individualized approach to instruction based on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Our educators practice systematic teaching to promote learning and generalization and utilize on-going evidence-based assessment, intervention, and progress monitoring to guide instruction in all areas of development.


The word community, Crosby added, “is also very important to us, as we hope to create an environment in which students, families, staff, and district stakeholders each feel welcomed as a part of the team, collaborating to promote positive outcomes for all learners.”


“Our families and students have often had difficult school experiences prior to coming to us, and we want to be the bridge that connects them to a positive learning environment,” said EASTCONN Director of Pupil Services Amy Margelony. “We hope to continue to build community, not only within EASTCONN but within the towns and districts we serve.”


Members of EASTCONN’s multidisciplinary team, including psychologists and Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), are also available to consult with districts to assess program or district-wide needs, with the goal of building in-district capacity to develop and support student programs in their home schools/communities.


EASTCONN Bridges Community School provides services for towns in northeastern Connecticut and across other parts of the state. For placement into the program, parents or guardians should ask their local school leaders for a referral. (EASTCONN cannot directly admit any student into the program without a referral from a public school district.)