You must contact the office to make arrangements.


No, State law prohibits driving schools from renting out their cars for testing. We provide this service for an additional fee to only those students we have trained in our Full 38 hour Program and certified that they could pass the test.

Yes, providing our schedule permits it. Lessons are prepaid ( a minimum of 2 hrs. ) and arranged with the individual instructors.

Yes, effective Sept 1, 2021 a valid CT learners permit will be required to receive your electronic certificate of completion.

Eight hour class students must complete their classes within 90 days, Full class students must complete their 30 hrs. of classroom and their 8 hrs. of behind the wheel instruction within 1 year.

By state law you must be 16 years of age.

You must contact our office and provide your name, date of birth, and date and location you took the class. We maintain records for 3 years. We will research your file and contact you to arrange an appointment to come in to reissue a certificate. The fee is $40.00 exact change.

Yes, State law requires us to certify you have completed the entire scheduled class, students who arrive late will not be admitted and must make up that particular class.