Student Food Services

Student Food Services

EASTCONN Student Food Services

EASTCONN’s Food Services department was created in 2012 to meet our external and internal customers' demand for exceptional food services. Backed by our experienced Director of Food and Hospitality, Heather Plourde, EASTCONN is able to provide a wide array of catering services, a successful National School Lunch Program, a School Breakfast Program and an After-School Snack Program and provide the districts with necessary supports for their food service programs.

Food Services Director Heather Plourde has more than 25 years of experience in restaurant management. She has owned her own successful café and expects that same level of excellence from her EASTCONN staff, ensuring that they maintain her vision of exceptional customer service, tailored menus and fresh, delicious menu options. Heather is involved in the local community and is committed to providing nutritious foods, using seasonal, locally grown ingredients.

For more information, please contact:

Heather Plourde
Heather Plourde
Food & Hospitality Services Director
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Students attending Brooklyn Public Schools, Horace Porter School, and Pomfret Community School:

Beginning March 1, 2023, students will once again be able to access breakfast and lunch, at no cost for the remainder of the school year.

Meal Prices as of 12/1/2022


Full Price $3.50

Reduced   $0.40


Full Price $2.00

Reduced $0.30

SNAP Assistance

Just so you know, new increased income guidelines went into effect as of October 1, 2022. If you qualify for SNAP assistance, your child automatically qualifies for free school meals. If your children qualify for free school meals or milk, you might also qualify for SNAP (formerly called Food Stamps). SNAP helps people buy food for themselves and their families. SNAP benefits are issued each month on plastic debit cards. You can use SNAP benefits to buy food at major supermarkets, neighborhood grocery stores, online at participating retailers, and some farmers’ markets authorized to accept SNAP. For more information, check out SNAP Addendum C.

Charging Policy and the Collection of Unpaid Meal Charges

EASTCONN will contact the parents/guardians of students who charge meals to their meal accounts for the District to collect the delinquent debt. The first such communication will be a written communication, by mail or e-mail, after three meal(s) have been charged. Subsequent written and verbal communications with parents/guardians concerning delinquent debt will be made by the building administrator or designee as necessary and appropriate.  All communications regarding unpaid meal charges shall be made directly and discreetly to parents/guardians.  Written communications with parents/guardians regarding the collection of a student’s unpaid meal charges shall include an application for free or reduced-price meals, information on local food pantries and the Connecticut Department of Social Services’ supplemental nutrition assistance program, and a link to the District’s or Town’s website that lists any community services available to Town residents.  If a student’s unpaid meal charges are equal to or more than the cost of thirty (30) meals, the parents/guardians of such student will be referred to the District’s homeless education liaison.

We appreciate your patience as we transition back to pre-pandemic operations while implementing a new Point of Sale System.