Regional Transition Services

Program Components

Connecticut Core Transition Skills


RTS staff strive to provide all RTS students with the skills needed as they transition to life after school. To that end, the Connecticut Core Transition Skills are used to guide our work across all components of RTS.


Community Experiences


Students spend a great deal of time in the community, from working with area businesses to banking and from connecting with adult agencies to going on field trips. They learn skills to help them live as independently as possible and to build social skills.


Career Explorations


Through partnerships with a wide variety of businesses in the local community, students have access to a broad range of opportunities based on their abilities, skills and areas of interest. The young adults in RTS are gaining valuable experiences while working with various businesses and organizations.


Connections with Adult Service Agencies


There are agencies available to work with RTS students after they graduate. To assist students with accessing these agencies, RTS helps them to make connections and form relationships. Agencies that RTS works with include: Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS), Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Department of Social Services (DSS), and American Job Centers (AJC).


College/Educational Experiences


RTS Students have numerous opportunities to participate in a variety of educational experiences. Some students choose to take classes at QVCC for credit or to take part in lectures or classes that are being offered to the community. We work closely with partners in the community who provide classes in nutrition and financial skills.


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Christine DiGiacomo
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