Regional Transition Services

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Regional Transition Services (RTS) assists young adult students, ages 18-21, who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, as they transition from school to career, community and/or college settings and learn to manage other adult responsibilities. The individualized life-skills curriculum emphasizes technology tools; vocational, educational, community and related services; and the independent skills necessary for students to experience success and fulfillment in their jobs and communities and in later years. We utilize the CT Core Transition Skills as a framework, and our multidisciplinary team provides a full range of learning opportunities and services to students through local and state partnerships.

With RTS, young adult students can begin their transition to Community, Career and College:


  • Students learn skills to help them live as independently as possible.
  • Opportunities to build social skills through participation in community activities are numerous: NE CT transit buses, banks, stores, restaurants, fitness center and field trips. 
  • RTS helps students and families access services in their communities and to partner with adult service agencies. 


  • Individualized goal-setting and self-determination skills are used to guide career exploration.
  • Students learn and practice job-search strategies and the necessary skills for maintaining employment.
  • Employability skills sought by employers are developed and practiced through paid internships with support by RTS as needed.


  • Eligible students have opportunities to take college classes and to experience the differences between high school and college. 
  • Skills needed to be successful in college, such as planning, scheduling and studying, are developed and refined with supports provided by RTS as needed.
  • RTS staff can help connect students to Disability Coordinators at local community colleges.


The RTS Team

Members of the RTS staff work collaboratively to support students in educational, community and employment settings. RTS staff work together with districts and families to provide quality transition services. Members of the RTS team include:

  • A special education teacher
  • An instructor and instructional assistants
  • A transition coordinator
  • Related service providers
  • Assistive technology professionals

Regionial Transition Services 2021-2022 Calendar

For more information, please contact:

Christine DiGiacomo
Christine DiGiacomo
Transition Coordinator
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Amy Margelony
Amy Margelony
Director of Pupil Services
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