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EASTCONN Transportation

EASTCONN Transportation provides services to agencies across northeastern Connecticut and school systems throughout the state.

Staff are trained to transport medically fragile students, as well as students with special needs, public school students, and adult clients going to jobs and job-training sites. Certified and highly trained staff provide specialized training and yearly re-certification classes for EASTCONN bus drivers, as required by the State of Connecticut. Using 71 yellow buses, 30-passenger mini buses, mini-vans, sedans and 110 specially equipped vehicles, we transport 600 students daily.

“From the drivers to the managerial staff, [EASTCONN Transportation] is always available to address issues and have turnkey solutions, suggest ride shares where appropriate and accommodate student needs in a timely manner. We have partnered with EASTCONN for many years with minimal increases and look forward to a continued partnership.” Todd V. Giansanti, Director of Pupil Services & Staff Support Services, Coventry Public Schools


EASTCONN Transportation
109 Willimantic Road Route 6 Columbia, CT 06237