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EASTCONN Transportation provides services to agencies across northeastern Connecticut and school systems throughout the state.

Our staff members are trained to transport medically fragile students, students with special needs, public school students, and adult clients going to jobs and job-training sites. Certified and highly trained staff provide specialized training and yearly re-certification classes for EASTCONN bus drivers, as required by the State of Connecticut. Using 71 yellow buses, 30-passenger mini buses, mini-vans, sedans and 110 specially equipped vehicles, we transport 600 students daily.

Student Emergency Contact Form

The Student Emergency Contact Form is for individuals who wish to edit and/or change the recorded Emergency Contacts for students who use EASTCONN Transportation Services.

Inclement Weather Procedure

It is important for you to be aware of closings, delayed openings and/or early dismissals for your child, in both the school district he/she attends and the town in which your child resides. This information may be obtained from your local TV, radio or internet provider. You may also contact the school, town or EASTCONN Transportation for the latest information. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated during these challenging occasions.

All CLOSINGS at the school your child attends OR within the town in which he/she resides will cancel the transportation provided by EASTCONN.

All DELAYS at the school your child attends OR within the town in which your child resides will result in EASTCONN operating on the delayed schedule, whichever is the latest time announced.

All EARLY DISMISSALS at the school your child attends OR the town/district in which your child resides, will result in EASTCONN operating on the early dismissal schedule, whichever is the earliest time announced.

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For more information, please contact:

Kimberly Bush
Kimberly Bush
Transportation Director
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